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How to Burn Custom CDs with Rhapsody Music Service

Make Custom CDs from Rhapsody Tracks and Tracks from Your Library

Composition gives you the choice to copy music that you have bought to a CD. All you need is a clear CD-R (CD-Recordable) or CD-RW (CD-Rewritable) plate and a good chronicle drive on your PC and you are en route to making custom sound CD’s that can be played on standard CD players. The greater part of the music in Rhapsody’s Music Guide can be obtained and copied, permitting you a huge range of blending conceivable outcomes for your CD assortment. A normal CD-R holds 80 minutes of music which is somewhere in the range of 17 to 25 tunes relying upon the length of the tracks.

Adhere to these directions to figure out how to copy a CD in Rhapsody:

1. Addition a clear CD-R or CD-RW into your PC’s CD rewritable drive.

– Note: Not all CD players can play CD-RWs. I suggest utilizing CD-R plates for greatest similarity and for the most adaptability when tuning in to your CD on different gadgets, for example, vehicle sound systems and compact CD players.

2. Add tracks to the Burn a CD symbol (song copy compact disc symbol ) composition copy cds source imagein the Sources zone by one of the three after techniques:

o Drag and drop tracks and collections from My Library to song copy compact disc iconBurn a CD.

o Drag and drop a whole playlist from the Playlists region to song copy compact disc iconBurn a CD.

o Drag and drop tracks and collections from the Music Guide to song copy compact disc iconBurn a CD.

– Note: At this time, tracks that don’t have Buy beside them are not yet accessible for buy and CD copying. Along these lines, be certain the tracks you need to consume have Buy alongside them. Likewise recollect, that Rhapsody is tying down the rights to new music consistently, so return frequently.

3. Snap the composition copy album symbol Burn a CD to show the Burn line in the Display territory. The minutes accessible on your clear CD and the minutes free (subsequent to including the tracks utilizing step #2) are shown at the base of the Burn line.

4. You presently have the alternative to improve the request for all or a portion of the tracks in the Burn line, by hauling them into position inside your rundown. You can erase tracks by choosing them and squeezing the [Delete] button on your console.

– Note: If a mistake symbol (song blunder symbol ) shows up then you have chosen a track that isn’t accessible to buy and consume. There are 3 spots where the mistake symbol will show up, to one side of the track, to one side of song copy compact disc iconBurn a CD in the Sources zone, and at the base of the Burn line. You have the alternative to tap the mistake symbol at the base of the Burn line to find out additional. The blunder discourse will offer you the chance to evacuate the tracks that are causing the mistakes.

5. In the event that you have to change your CD copying inclinations, at the highest point of the Music Guide, Select Tools > Preferences: cd burning service from the Rhapsody menu. (Composition prescribes that you enable the framework to pick your consume speed.)

6. When you have completed stages 1 – 5 you are prepared to copy a CD. Presently click Start Burn at the upper right of the Burn line. You will at that point be provoked to buy any spilled or downloaded tracks that you have set in your Burn line.

– Note: If there happens to be any tracks that you don’t wish to buy you have the alternative to drop your present consume from the Payment Wizard. Erase the tracks from the Burn line, and restart your consume by clicking Start Burn.